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We provide for ProRealTime Traders accurate and updated backtests of 250+ strategies available on ProRealCode.
With us, take data-driven trading decisions.

Who's this tool for ?

3D cartoon beginner trader at computer, neon office ambiance.
New Algo-Trader

Thinking inevitably “soooo easy to make cash with algo-trading with a crossing of moving average” 😉 we all went through this right ?!

Cartoon-style 3D trader looking confused at screens, neon office backdrop.
Lost Algo-Trader

Drowned in an ocean of complex trading strategies, he needs clarity to quickly evaluate and rank them by asset.

Anxious 3D cartoon trader runs, checking watch, neon-lit office.
No Time Algo-Trader

He focuses on proven efficient strategies. He values tools and insights that offer a direct path to grow his trading account.

How our tool enhanced their ProRealTime Trader journey

The Tool I Wish I Had

Hey, it’s Chris 👋 

As a seasoned trader, I ventured into the world of algorithmic trading with high hopes. “The highway to durable profits 24/7 right ?!”

During 10 years, I spent 1000+ hours backtesting strategies manually, trying to find that ‘hidden gem’ that would put me ahead. 

This path has been so erratic and time-consuming! I felt I was searching a needle in a haystack. My trading account has learned hard lessons along the way!

I didn’t want new algo-traders to go through the same grueling process. That’s why I decided to take action, and create Best-Trading-Algos for you guys!

Our platform cuts through the complexity, offering a transparent, independant and efficient tool with up-to-date backtests.

It’s the tool I wish I had – designed to guide you straight to trading success … without the detours.

What you'll benefit

Reliable and updated backtests for all ProRealCode strategies

Access to more than 230 backtested strats ranked by performance / asset / TimeFrame

Easy-to-understand performance ranking system​

No more wasting your time to find the hidden free or paid pearl

Compare strategies against a Buy and Hold position

The best way to check immediately its robustness

Instant access to you favorite assets strategies

Access to more than 230 backtested strats ranked by performance / asset / TimeFrame

Metatrader - Tradingview

Trading on other platforms ?

If you’ve made it this far,  you’re either very interested, or have questions. 

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We are


Free and paid strategies are on the same ground. The Ranking is the only judge of the quality of a strategy


Our assessment process is public and based on backtest standards 200 K time units, tick by tick, spread of 2, 1 contract (exc. of martingales strategies), Buy & Hold comparison


This process applies to all strategies with a final global Ranking. But you can easily sort the strategies by Market, Asset or TimeFrame

Join 4000+ algo traders

Purchase just 3 or 6 months access to boost your results.

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Billed every 3 months
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Billed every 6 months
5 strategies


No credit card required !

Uncertain about the right package for you?

If you’ve made it this far there are two options : you’re very interested, or have questions. Reach me out on Telegram !

Frequently Asked Questions

Rankings are updated every three months to ensure traders have access to the latest performance data.


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